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From The Pastor's Desk


My dear friends,

By this time, many will have met me at Mass or in the office. I am Father Anthony Iaconis, your new pastor. I arrived on July 1st along with Fr. John Crozier, a newly ordained priest for our diocese. Our parish said good-bye to Fr. Jamie and welcomed Fr. Charles Gnanapragasam. Poor Fr. Alfred’s head is still spinning with all these new guys around. Anyway, I have some good news
and bad news for our parish.
The good news is that Father Don is officially retired on November 1st. The bad news is that he will be leaving us at the end of November. I arrived at St. Peter’s in 2007 while Fr. Peterson was pastor here at St. Mary’s, so I have seen the many great things and challenges Fr. Don has done and addressed since arriving in 2008. It has only been in the last few years that I have gotten
to know Fr. Don better.
Often when a new pastor comes in, the former pastor has moved on to a new assignment or new residence. Having Fr. Don around for the transition has been a great help. He has helped me to know parishioners and the administrative workings of the parish. He has celebrated weekday and Sunday Masses, and sadly he has presided over the funerals of a few prominent parishioners in the
last few months.
I am grateful to Fr. Don for the excellent staff he has formed over the years. I have had the chance to meet our Parish Trustees and the Parish Finance Council, and in a few weeks, I hope to meet the Parish Pastoral Council. Together with the Pastoral Staff, Trustees, Finance Committee, Pastoral Council, and parishioners, we are well prepared to continue to in our parish motto, “Sharing the Gospel with others.”
Priests never really retire. We retire from administrative obligations, but we never retire from ministry. I am sure wherever Fr. Don is, he will continue to bring God’s grace and peace to those he meets each day. Many will want to thank Fr. Don for his ministry and wish him well in his retirement. Usually, we would have a grand party for such an occasion, but COVID has dampened many celebrations since March. Therefore, we will have to put a party off for another time. Fr. Don is okay with the delay. Should you wish to leave him a card or note for him, the Rectory office will be sure he gets them.
Fr. Don, On behalf of the entire St. Mary’s parish family, we thank you for bringing Christ to us in the Eucharist and other sacraments, for your pastoral presence, for leading our parish these past twelve years, and for your friendship. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Mary, we pray God will grant blessings for your dedicated and faithful service to his people, an increase in health, and many years of happiness in your retirement. Fraternally, Anthony.

God love you,
Fr. Anthony
PS: Don’t forget to Vote. Voting is a moral responsibility for Catholics.