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Catechist Information


Dear Catechists -

First of all, please know that Gina and I are praying for all of you!  Can't say how much we miss you and really have no information as of today as when we can get together with you.  We don't know how long this "social distancing" will be in effect so we can't plan anything right now.  Be assured that we will do our best to keep in touch and keep you updated. 

We do plan to have our summer program so pray that it works out.  Please do send in your forms if you can help us either in the summer program or our weekly program.  

We are so grateful for all that you do.  Thank you!  

You are always in our prayers!



If you are unable to teach your class, please call the FFE Office at 631-581-3304, Ext. 123.  Everyone in our office has access to this extension so we won't miss getting your message.  Thank you!

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