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Parent Meetings

Dear Parents -

We are trying to keep in touch with all of you as best we can.  First and most importantly, we are praying for all of you and your families!   Your efforts to watch the Mass on TV and keep your children updated is just wonderful - thank you!!

We know that first and foremost on your minds is sacraments and registration.  We have had to cancel our Summer Program because we have no word on when social distancing rules will be lifted.    


As soon as we are permitted to return to work, we will work out some schedules and communicate with you.  We will make sure your children do practice but that may mean giving you hosts to practice at home.  Please be patient and we will all work together to make sure you children are able to make their First Holy Communion.  Please make sure to finish watching the Blessed videos.  


We do not yet have any date for Confirmation and don't know when we will be able to find out that date.  There is work that we require before Confirmation by completing a workbook.  We have updated the Confirmation page to include some of the work that your child can start doing:  choosing a Saint's name; choosing a sponsor and choosing a gift of the Holy Spirit. The forms can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.  As many of you are watching Mass on the internet, your child can also complete six (6) Mass reflections.  You can download the forms from the Mass Reflection page.  


Please watch the Blessed videos and complete the book with your children.   


Your children are required to complete 3 Mass Reflections as part of their course work.  That can be accomplished by watching Mass on television.  Not only does Telecare have Mass every day, but many parishes are also live-streaming their Masses on Facebook.  Christ the King in Commack and well as other parishes are showing Mass.  You can virtually attend Mass at different parishes.  We have Reflection pages on the Mass Reflection page you can download for yourselves.  They also need to finish their 6th Grade assessments (orange cover).  If you don't have the copy they were given, please contact Gina (goconnor@parishofstmary.org) and she will leave some in the mailbox for you.  

GRADES 3 - 4 - 5

If possible, please have your children complete their books.  I know there is a lot of work placed on all of you right now so it doesn't have to be done by any deadline, but as you can do it.  Watching Mass on TV is a good thing for them, too.  


All the forms are available to download on our Registration page.  At this time, mailing them in is the best plan.  


Our parish has a subscription to Formed and our password is: JXWQMW    There are some wonderful cartoons and family films available that are free for you.   Please take advantage of that if you are looking for something fun to do.  

Most importantly, please pray with your children.  It is so important that all of us remember that God is with us through all of this!  

With our prayers,

Linda Crowley  & Gina O'Connor