Seventh Grade

YouTube Video

It was very good news that we have so many 7th Grade students sign up - but the bad news is that we can't fit everyone in the Church for classes.  So we are modifying the program like this:

Each of our Deacons will record their lesson and it will be put up here on the 7th Grade page.  We will also attached any associated work at the bottom of the page. 

The first video will be Deacon Steve and he will be talking about Advent.  We hope it will be on the website before Thanksgiving, but the latest will be on November 30.  There are several pages of notes on the bottom of this page that you should print out now so that you can follow his lessons as you listen to them. 

The first lessons will be dealing with the four Sundays of Advent and Deacon Steve will be explaining each of those Gospel readings.  As all 7th Grade students are required to do Six Gospel Reflections during the course of the year - you will already have four done if you do the work. 

If you didn't pick up the forms for the Mass Reflections when you picked up your Bible, you can download them from the Mass Reflections page. 

One of the problems with on-line learning is it can be  hard to ask questions.  To help with that, we have set up a new email address:
Just email your questions to that address, include your name and grade, and the proper person will get you an answer as quickly as possible. 

Please don't forget to pray!  The Deacons will be talking about prayer and leading you in prayer over the course of the  year, but it is so important for you to remember to pray every day!

This year has brought a great many challenges but working together we can still grow in our faith journey.   God bless you all! 

Please be sure that you have signed up for the REMIND app - that will be our primary means of communication this year.

Linda Crowley,
Nov 19, 2020, 12:28 PM