Sixth Grade

YouTube Video

We want to explain what our 5th and 6th Grade program will look like this year.

Our students will be using their textbooks as well as watching videos that will be up on this site every month. 
At the bottom of this page, you will find the outline of work for this year.  The outline shows the chapters to be read each month and the homework assigned for that month.  Do the work on the pages indicated, we will follow up on completed work at the end of the  year.

We will begin the first week of Advent - the week of November 30. 

There are some prayers listed in the outline.  Prayer is one of the most important things we can do as members of God's family, so please learn each prayer listed by saying it every day of that month.

We have also listed some saints and feast days.  Do take some time to look them up - you will find some really interesting events have happened!

 First  of the videos to be put up is a special video presentation by Fr. John Crozier who is one of our parish priests.  It is awesome!   In this video Fr. John will explain all the parts of the Mass and he does a great job!

One of the hardest parts of doing on-line work is not being able to ask questions of the teacher as you think of them.  So, we have set up a special email account where you can send your questions.  Please indicate your grade and name so that it will be distributed to the right person for the answer. 

The email for all questions is:

We will respond to you with the answer as quickly as we can.

Please make sure you have signed up for Remind as we will let you know as soon as the video is available for viewing.

That's the program for this year.  It is a bit different than our regular weekly classes, but it will still be a wonderful way to continue to grow in your faith. 

God bless you as you begin your journey!  Please remember you can always contact us at the Religious Education office if you need us.  

Additionally, each 6th Grade student must complete three (3) Mass Reflections over the course of the year.  If you did not get the forms when you picked up your book, you can download them from the Mass Reflections page. 


Linda Crowley,
Nov 19, 2020, 12:26 PM