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Mary Shrine

The Shrine to Our Blessed Mother 
Mary, Mother of God, Model Disciple


This shrine dedicated to the Blessed Mother and the re-energized surrounding landscape offers a spiritual space for prayer, the rosary, reflection or just peace and quiet.
Parishioners visit this grotto to implore Mary’s Intercessions and guidance. The shrine is located at the Suffolk Avenue entrance, on the west side of the parish grounds.

In order to enhance the spiritual time at the shrine, 
we ask that you adhere to the following in order to maintain a serene, peaceful, spiritual and neatly manicured prayer space:

Respect this quiet area for prayer and reflection.
No Artificial flowers.
Do not place items on the ledge at the base of the statue.
Do not place potted plants, statues, vigil lights, breakable objects, toys or stuffed animals.
No planting of any kind may be done in the ground.

All flowers, potted plants and decorations will be removed on a weekly basis.