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Parish Social Ministry

Church of St. Mary
Parish Social Ministry - Parish Outreach


20 Harrison Avenue
 East Islip, NY  11730

Phone: (631) 581-7070, x128

                                  Fax:  (631) 581-1170

		Office Hours:	
			Monday		9:30 am to 4:30 pm
			Tuesday		9:30 am to 4:30 pm
			Wednesday	              9:30 am to 4:30 pm
			Thursday		1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
			Friday		              9:30 am to 4:30 pm
			Saturday		Closed
			Sunday		              Closed
                        (The office is closed on Fridays during July & August)

                          Location:   The Social Ministry office is located on the
                                              second floor of the white building located
                          between Sacred Heart Hall and the Auditorium.

                                            An elevator is available for those with special needs.

Sr. Camille Solis DW

Director, Parish Outreach

(631) 581-7070, x127 

What is Parish Social Ministry?
St. Mary's Parish Social Ministry consists of a dedicated group of
            parishioners who respond to the needs of others compassionately
            and professionally.

What does Parish Social Ministry do?
Parish Social Ministry brings people who are in need of assistance
            together with people who are trained to help them. Parish Social
            Ministry ministers empower those in need to help themselves.  This
            program offers our parish community a way to respond to those
            among us who are hurting financially, emotionally and/or physically.

What kind of help is available?
Requests for assistance may involve direct service like: food, clothing,
            financial, transportation, or information and referral to other programs,
            service agencies, or professionals. Support and encouragement is offered to
            help in difficult situations.

Who can get help?
Anyone who lives within the geographical boundaries of St. Mary's
            Parish (Islip, East Islip, Great River), regardless of religion, may contact 
            the Parish Social Ministry either by phone or by a personal visit to the office.

What help is available?
  Advocacy with Service Agencies
             Assistance with Housing
             Budget Counseling
             Clothing from our Thrift Shop
             Crisis Intervention
             Emergency Food
             Informal Counseling
             Information & Referrals
             Immigration Information
             Reassurance Calls to Homebound
Substance Abuse Counseling Referrals

            Employment Services, including:
                Resume Preparation
                Job Searches
                Interview Training

Parish Outreach Ministries

 1. Employment:

This ministry provides assistance to individuals who are either seeking
employment or are aspiring to increase their earning potential and benefits.
We assist our neighbors who are unemployed or underemployed by helping with résumé writing, interviews, networking, and the job search process.  The main purpose of this ministry is to provide support to a client during what can be a very difficult time by letting him/her know that they have someone who cares and is trying to help them.

We encourage everyone to please pray for all unemployed persons and their families.  These people are your friends, relatives, and neighbors; and may be sitting right beside you in church.  They need God's help and yours.

If you are aware of any job opportunities, please call the Employment Guidance Office at 581-4266, x133 and either speak with, or leave a message for, Mary.

 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.
                                                        Matthew 5:9

2. Ministry of Consolation and Bereavement:

The mission of this ministry is to provide comfort and support to the
bereaved members of our parish community. Ministers of Consolation offer
spiritual direction and assistance to the family of the deceased; and assist in preparing
for the repose, burial liturgy and internment of a loved one. Ministers remain available to all family members as they journey through the healing process of bereavement, knowing the comfort of God's love and the support of their parish family.

Contact:    Sister Patty Tippen if you are in need of counseling or feel you would 
                like to volunteer at (631) 581-4266, Ext. 134.

 4. Rainbows:

This ministry is a support group for all God's children (K-8th grade) of
divorced or separated parents. Trained facilitators provide a safe environment
for the children to express their feelings, to work through their grief, build a
stronger sense of self esteem and to begin to accept the changes that have
taken place in their family. There is an 8-week session each fall and spring.
In addition, a parent support group is offered during the time the children are
in their groups. Volunteers are always needed to help run the program.

Contact:    Parish Social Ministry for additional information to participate or
                 if you feel the desire to volunteer at (631) 581-4266, Ext. 128.

5. Parish Outreach:

This group of dedicated parishioners staff the office located in the Parish
Social Ministry Building. They are available Monday to Friday to address
the needs of our community.

        Ministry of Reception:
        Ministers of Reception are a welcoming presence to all as they staff the reception
        desk at the Parish Social Ministry Office. They answer calls in response 
        to inquiries for service, as well as personally greeting those in need of assistance.

        Core Ministry:
        Core Ministers conduct initial intake assessment needs for all persons and/or
        families requesting assistance in a confidential manner. The Core Ministers are
        trained in assisting those in need to network with either Parish, Community,
        County or Federal resources, which can assist with the stabilization of the
        person's and/or families economic, medical, housing, employment or mental
        health needs.

              Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, 
for they will be satisfied.
Matthew 5:6

6. Prayer Group for Gays/Lesbians and their Parents:

Through prayer and sharing, the goal of this ministry is to provide support to those on their journey of understanding and acceptance of their child or of themselves.  We believe that each of us has been created by a loving God.  We come together for prayer and reflection on the Gospel; readings, and sharing and support in a confidential manner.  Emphasis is placed on the dignity of every person, and the unfailing love of God. 

Contact:    Parish Social Ministry for additional information to participate at 
                 (631) 581-4266, Ext. 129.

7. Transportation:

Volunteers are always needed for our Transportation Ministry.  We have
parishioners who need rides to the supermarket, doctor’s appointments,
Sunday Mass, and the like.

If you can help or are in need of help please contact the Parish Social
Ministry office at (631) 581-4266, Ext. 128.

8. Reassurance:

St. Mary’s Parish Social Ministry offers the Ministry of Reassurance to anyone who is homebound or in a nursing home.  If you, or someone you know, would like a friendly phone call or note, please call Nora at 581-4266 ext 133.  Feel free to leave a message and she will return your call.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time in this ministry, please call 581-4266 ext 129. of help please contact the Parish Social Ministry office at (631) 581-4266, x128.




9. Food Pantry: 

The Pantry is stocked with food that is readily available for the needy.
Donations are appreciated. It's easy to do, just bring your food, health or beauty products to Mass. Leave your offering with an usher, or you can just leave your donation in the vestibule of either the church or auditorium. You can also drop your donation off at the Parish Social Ministry office during operating hours.
SCRIP from department stores, supermarket or other gift certificates are
always appreciated and may be left at the Parish Social Ministry office. 

If you can help or are in need of help please contact the Parish Social
Ministry office at (631) 581-4266, x128.

10. Thrift Shop

The St. Mary's Thrift Shop makes available clothing at extremely economical
prices for those in need. Donations of "gently" used clothing are appreciated
and should be delivered directly to the Thrift Shop.
Please do not leave clothing outside when the shop is closed. 

Volunteers are needed and the hours can be flexible to meet your schedule.
You will be blessed in the fact that you will be in a position to directly help
our needy brothers and sisters.

The Thrift Shop is open Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday).

To volunteer, please contact the Parish Social Ministry office
at (631) 581-4266, x128.

11. Senior Connection: 

The Senior Connection is a gathering place for seniors to come together for spiritual and social opportunities.  At our monthly gatherings in Sacred Heart Hall we provide an environment for seniors to interact with each.  You don't have to be a member of St. Mary's Parish to attend.  Ladies and gentlemen are most welcome.  We provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and desserts.  A Senior Tea is held twice a year (May and October) and is enjoyed by all. 

Our gatherings are listed in St. Mary's weekly bulletin, and also on the Upcoming Events page on our website.

12. Sophia Cares: 

Sophia Cares is a group of women helping women.  This program is for all women in all stages of life.  We invite women to dwell on the most basic of all universal truths: God's love for us and God's call for us to love ourselves.  The mission of our members is to inspire one and other through compassion and sharing spirituality.  Evenings for women are offered three times a year with inspirational speakers.  Round table discussion groups are held more often. 

Dates for discussions, meetings, and other events are printed in St. Mary's weekly bulletin, and on the Upcoming Events page on our website.

13. Special Events and Programs: 

Helping to plan and organize events offers opportunities for sharing your gifts and working with fellow parishioners on a short-term basis.  During the course of the year, the Parish Social Ministry associates initiate and participate in a variety of programs including:

               Christmas Share-A-Gift
            Bread for the World's "Offering of Letters"
            U.S. Postal Service "Stamp Out Hunger"
            Lenten Soup Supper
            Easter Food Delivery
            Thanksgiving Food Delivery
            Christmas Food Delivery
            Community Blood Drives

               FAN (Food and Nutrition)

To Request Assistance:
If at any time you encounter a need on behalf of yourself, your family, or a
neighbor, and you feel this ministry can be of assistance, please do not
hesitate to call or put them in touch with St. Mary's Parish Social Ministries
office at (631) 581-4266, Ext. 128.

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