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Pastoral Council


Church of St. Mary

Parish Council

 Meeting of November 16, 2015


In Attendance: Mary Dennis, Jess Otto, Marie Zinkiewicz, Joseph Guglielmo

 & Owen Rees


The focus of the Council will be


All of our efforts must be focused on the Eucharist


Meeting started with opening prayer led by Joseph Guglielmo

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Ministry Fair 2016

Dates: May 21st and 22nd after all the Masses


Goals:  Educate parishioners as to what ministries are available

            Develop relationships

            Encourage volunteerism

            Celebration of the ministries

            One Parish…Many Ministries


Budget: What funds will be directed to this event?


Location  & Space Allocation:

Parking area between the church and the auditorium

The area was measured (approx. 75 feet by 110 feet)

 Accommodations for 24 Ministry tables

A list of ministries & table placement will be sent out at a later date.

Additions and/or deletions to this list are to be directed to either Mary Dennis or Jess Otto


Materials Needed:     

Rectangular tables with blue and white covers

Pop-up tents (10 x 10) or one large tent (TBD)

Maintenance Staff should be on the property



Advertising & Communication:        

Bulletin, Website, Facebook

Posters and Banners (use action words: CELEBRATE, JOIN etc.)                  

Handouts including a listing of the Ministries and a short description of each

Pulpit Announcements by cantor at beginning of Mass and by each priest at the end of each Mass

Based on budget and Father Don’s recommendation: large banner (approx. $600) over Main Street or several ‘political-type signs” around the property the week leading up to the event.

Thank you response letter (prepared by the Parish Council with Father Don’s approval) will be sent to all people expressing interest in any ministry.

A Virtus Training Session should be planned in June soon after the Fair



Bulletin announcements have been in place to attract volunteers to this new ministry.

This ministry will provide a welcoming environment and refreshments for Parish Sponsored Events and Gatherings including the Ministry Fair.

Cakes and beverages (TBD)


Activities for Kids:

Bounce House at a cost of $199 (Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm)

Cotton Candy Machine

What interactive ideas can be included (Bounce House etc.)



Need to get each of the ministries (volunteers and staff) involved and excited



The title was discussed and possible alternate name was presented by the staff of

 “Areas of Parish Life” which all agreed was a much more welcoming name.

Consideration should be given to review the 7 areas for clarity

1-Worship & Environment

2-Family Life and Community Affairs

3-Planning and Communication

4-Education and Formation

5-Building and Grounds

6-Finance and Fund Raising

7-Social Action and Human Resources


Altar Servers:

It was mentioned that we are in need of altar servers. A plan to invite boys and girls starting at the age of 10 years will be implemented.



Topic was briefly discussed…what do we want and what will we do with the information?


Parish Council Membership:

Consider including a young adult


Safety and Security:

Identify the areas of concern that effect our people

Develop a planning session to address these concerns.


Respectfully submitted,  

Owen Rees


Jess Otto - Education & Formation (Council Chairperson)
Joseph Guglielmo - Worship & Environment
Stephen Ruland - Family Life & Community Affairs
Patrick Campbell - Planning & Communication
Owen Rees - Buildings & Grounds
Marie Zinkiewicz - Finance & Fund Raising
Mary Dennis - Social Action & Human Resources

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

  Meeting of May 9, 2015


In Attendance: Father Don, Jess Otto, Joseph Guglielmo, Patrick Campbell, Marie Zinkiewicz, MaryAnn Giannetino & Owen Rees

Meeting started with opening Prayer led by Patrick Campbell


The focus of the Council will be


All of our efforts must be focused on the Eucharist


The minutes of our last meeting on April 11, 2015 was read and accepted.


It is critical that all the respective staff members be included in all of the council’s discussions and plans


Our Mission Statement was printed on adhesive labels and affixed to the 750 copies of the Journeysongs Book.  Marie will arrange for the labels to be affixed to an additional 50 to 100 books.


Night of Prayer for the council and staff will be held on the evening of  Monday, June 1st from    7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Joseph Room. Jess and Marie will reach out to Sister Patty to ask her to help with the prayer service


Youth Ministry: Jess Otto, Marie Zinkiewicz and Stephen Ruland will meet with Theresa Roach to see how we can help her to explore ways to expand her ministry. We all agreed that this is a priority. We should consider trying to tie in community service programs. 


Father Rob’s Young Adult Group: has been launched here at St. Mary’s for young adults both men and women. The initial turnout was impressive. What if anything can we do to help him?


Capital Campaign: Father Don is extremely pleased with the results as the campaign is winding down. We should let our parishioners know what has been done so far via the Bulletin.


Ushers: As we try to expand our usher base, Joseph Guglielmo will contact Larry Berton and Jerry Holwell to plan a meeting with the ushers. It was mentioned that a ‘training manual’ be developed and presented to assist our ushers as far as  what is expected before, during and after the Eucharistic Celebration. What are the dos and don’ts? Should there be a dress code?         What about name tags?

Altar Servers: There is a need for altar servers at the funeral Masses during the week.               An invitation for both men and women is to be placed in the Bulletin.


Landscape Beautification Program: On Saturday, May 30th there will be a parish wide invitation to participate in our Landscape Beautification Program. Details can be found in the weekly Bulletin. Invitations will also be extended via e-mails


Hospitality and Welcoming Ministry will be further discussed at our June meeting.


Media and Communications: Several staff and council members will participate in a seminar titled “Building a Vibrant Parish”

We anticipate learning more about developing and using websites, and other various means of communication both printed and online to develop a more engaged community.

The 3rd issue of the St. Mary School Alumni Newsletter is being developed for distribution in June. Currently there is a direct mailing list of about 3800 alumni.

Patrick attended an information sharing meeting with the Islip Community Council and found it to be very informative as to what is going on in the area. He mentioned that there will be an Islip Chamber of Commerce Street Fair in June and again in October. Our council is looking to participate in October.


Parish Safety Seminar: Our Parish Outreach is hosting this seminar on Thursday, June 4th at 7:00 pm in Sacred Heart Hall. An invitation has also been extended to St. Patrick’s parish. The purpose of this gathering is to meet with a panel of experienced professionals who will offer guidance to staff and volunteers suggesting methods and protocols when confronted with irrational or threatening behavior.


St. Mary School: Our parish school’s Performing Arts Club will be performing “The Little Mermaid, Jr.” this weekend, May 16 at 2 pm and again May 17 at 7 pm at the Noel S. Ruiz Theater at Catholic Ministries Performing Arts Center in Oakdale. Tickets are $17 and can be purchased in the school until Thursday. After Thursday tickets may be purchased at the theatre which is located at 931 Montauk Hwy. in Oakdale. The children have been working very hard and it is sure to be a great time.


Ministry Fair: Our target date is for September/October 2016. Further discussions will be held.


Parish Council Meetings:

June 6, 2015…Stephen will lead the prayer service


Respectfully submitted,  

Owen Rees