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Spiritual Direction


What is Spiritual Direction?

Also called spiritual companioning,

spiritual direction is an on-going
relationship in which one person accompanies another

in the process of growing in intimacy with God. 

Spiritual direction is sought by those

who desire to become more aware

and deliberate in their spiritual growth

and relationship with God.
The primary focus is the directee’s
developing relationship with God
as it is reflected and challenged
by all aspects of a person’s life situation.

Problem-solving is not the primary

focus of spiritual direction, rather,
the concern is finding and responding
to God in the midst of one’s life.

 Regular meetings with a spiritual

director help one to pay attention
and to become aware of God in self,
others, events, indeed, all of life!
~     ~    ~    ~


God's Love is unfailing...
it lifts us up and leads us on.
                                         Pope Francis

~~    ~~    ~~    ~~

    Can Spiritual Direction be a help to you?


    Spiritual direction can be a help to you  

         if you: 

*  find yourself wanting a deeper 

    relationship with God;


*  want to explore new ways to pray  

        or if prayer has become difficult;


*  desire a companion on the spiritual   



    *  feel the need for someone to help in 

        prayerfully discerning a call of God 

        for you.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~    

What happens during  

    Spiritual Direction ?


     A spiritual director will ask reflective questions and listen.

 Since we believe that God communicates through prayer 

    and ordinary human experience, 

you will be encouraged to pay attention

to your experience so as to notice God’s nudges,

    invitations, challenges and  


Spiritual direction is a time for  

    reverencing and savoring your 

    experiences of God

in your  everyday life

as well as an opportunity

to wonder about  God’s seeming absence

in your life.


~    ~    ~    ~    ~


Spiritual direction is a ministry of

St. Mary’s Parish and is available

For those seeking growth

 in their spiritual life.



For more information, call (631)-581-4266, ext. 100