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Upcoming Events


For info on any of our upcoming events,
feel free to call the Rectory at
(631) 581-4266 x100.


Holy Week 
Monday, April 15 from 3:00pm—8pm in Church 
Wednesday, April 17 from 8:00am—8:45am in Church 
Good Friday, April 19 from 11:00am—12noon in Church 
Holy Saturday, April 20 from 3:30pm—5:00pm in Church 


Next Rehearsal: Tuesday, April 16th  6pm—6:45pm ~ Auditorium 
We will be leading song on April 21 at the 10:30am Mass
Info: Lynne Cook at stmaryschildrenschoir@yahoo.com 


Tuesday, April 16 ~ 7pm—Church 
Join us as we praise the Lord through Song, prayer and meditation. 
Fr. Larry will preside. 


Thursday, April 18 ~ 1pm—3pm Joseph Room 

Info: 631-581-7070, x128 


Wednesday, April 24 ~ Joseph Room 

Immediately following the 9am Liturgy 
Join us for prayer, reflection and fellowship. 


Ladies ~ Ladies ~ Ladies You are invited to . . . 
“Coffee & Conversation” 
Thursday, April 25 ~ 7pm Joseph Room

 Join us as we read and discuss the Scripture for the upcoming weekend. 


April 28th 
3:00pm in the Church

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Chaplet of Divine Mercy


Are you a mom with . . . 
Babies? Kids in grade school? 
Kids in high school or college? Adult Children? 
Come join us for A great night for ALL moms!! 
May 6 & June 3 
7pm in the White House Conference Room 
(The building in the back of the property off Harrison Ave. attached to the garages) 

Bring a friend . . . Make new ones . . . 
Please RSVP by the FRIDAY prior to each date.
For more information, call Jess Otto in the Baptism Office 631-581-3304, x120 
or email jotto@parishofstmary.org at 631-581-3304 ext 120


Saturday, May 11th  9am-1:30pm 
in the Church
What if each Catholic prayed for ten minutes and read five pages of a great book every day? What if every Catholic did one thing each week to intentionally share God’s message with others?
Come and discover how four life-changing habits can point you towards discovering incredible possibilities for your life. You will leave the event with a personal plan to help you become the best version of yourself.

Please join Dynamic Catholic and speaker Jonathan Fanning:

YouTube Video

Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase
at DynamicCatholic.com/EastIslip or by calling 859.980.7900.

Who should attend?
The event is appropriate for ages 12+; youth are encouraged to attend!
Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, single or married, young or old, Catholic or non-Catholic: you are invited.

When was the last time you invested in your life? It’s time. You are worth it!


For any information on any of these events,
please call the Rectory @ 631) 581-4266 ext. 100

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