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Upcoming Events


For info on any of our upcoming events,
feel free to call the Rectory at
(631) 581-4266 x100.

The parish of Saint Mary is pleased to announce and congratulate one of our most beloved parishioners, who has been active in St. Mary's for 43 years!

Happy 100th Birthday Blanche Ettinger!!!

Blanche will attend the 9 AM mass on August 6th, and the parish will honor her celebration with a birthday cake in Sacred Heart Hall immediately following the mass. 
All are invited!


Tuesday, August 7th ~ 7pm 

Weather permitting, we will gather at the Mary Statue (west side of property) to pray the Rosary. 
Then for those who are able, we will process onto Suffolk Lane & Main Street 
reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin. 
We will all then gather at the Sacred Heart statue for our closing prayers. 


For July & August, we will meet on Tuesdays at 8:30am 
in the Joseph Room for 30 minutes. 
We gather to break open and share in a prayerful setting the Scriptures of the day. 
Come and discover with us how the daily readings are connected to our everyday life. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” 
Col. 3:16. Info: Sister Patty at 631-581-4266, x134 



Our Parish Feast Day (and a Holy Day of Obligation)
Join us for Mass on:
Tues, August 14th (Vigil Mass) - 7:30pm
Wed, August 15th - 7:30am, 9am, 12noon



Wednesday, August 15th —  7pm 

We begin in Sacred Heart Hall with a powerful presentation on the Rosary, and we will then pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary together. 
You are invited to lead one of the prayers. After we pray the Rosary together, we will process into church to place flowers in front of Mary’s statue. 
Each person who attends will be given a flower they can leave as a tribute. 
Families are most welcome! Children are encouraged to wear their First Holy Communion clothes! 
Refreshments will follow, so please let us know if you will be praying with us that evening. 

Please call 631-581-3304, x121 and give us your name and phone number. 


Summer Blood Drive” 
We will be having our Summer Blood Drive in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus Council 5252 
Thursday, August 16 Auditorium 2:30pm—8:30pm 

Please consider the gift of blood donation. Blood supplies dwindle in the summer and yet it is the time of greatest need. 
Thank you in advance for your kindness by sharing this special gift with another in need. 


Monday, August 20th ~ 10am Rectory Chapel (approximately 30 minutes) 

Have your own inner, meditative time with God. 
Info: Sister Patty at 631-581-4266, x134 or www.contemplativeoutreach.org.


Tuesday, Sept 11th - 7pm in the Sacred Heart Memorial Garden
Join us as we pray the Rosary 
As we look back, we remember the lives of those who died.  
We remember the heroism of firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, EMT's, clergy, and so many ordinary citizens who gave of themselves for others and continue to do so.


For any information on any of these events,
please call the Rectory @ 631) 581-4266 ext. 100

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