Liturgical Ministers' Meeting Minutes

Liturgical Meeting, March 21, 2015

1)      When cleaning out the ciborium after Communion, consume any broken piecesDO NOT DUMP hosts into another ciborium.  When you get toward the bottom transfer the remaining host by hand.  Then tap the particles into one of the chalices to be purified.

2)      When wiping the chalice with a purifier, be careful to wipe only the rim.  Do not let the purifier cloth slip into the Precious Blood.

3)      After Communion, drape the purifier over the chalice.

4)      Be attentive to being a distraction on the altar.  There should be no “traffic” in front of the altar.  Do not cross from the far side of the church (auditorium) to the tabernacle.  The EM on the tabernacle side of the church (auditorium) should be the one to get the Communion.  If you must cross in front of the altar AFTER THE CONSECRATION, you should genuflect rather than bow (if you are able). 

5)      Tabernacle etiquette:  Like at home—when someone comes to your door you say Hello after you open the door; when they leave you say good-bye before you close the door.   With the Tabernacle: genuflect after you open and before you close.

6)      Be respectful and genuflect, if able, when the Concentrated Host is on the altar.

7)      We are to fulfil only one (1) role in the Mass, whether being EM, Lector, Altar Server, or  Usher.  In the event, that there is a shortage of the required number of EM’s needed AND you have waited a respectful time to ensure no other minister is available, WAIT UNTIL AFTER “Lord I am not worthy…” before approaching the altar.  Fulfilling a second ministry should be an exception, not the norm.

8)      No one (or anything) is to move during the Lamb of God.  An EM should come up after the “Lord I Am Not Worthy” if the Mass is short ministers.  NEVER approach the altar while there is a liturgical action in process: Breaking of Bread; Lord I am not worthy.

9)      Never genuflect when carrying the chalice or the ciborium.

10)   Only a priest can delegate an EM for a particular occasion.

11)   You are delegate by the Bishop for St. Mary’s Parish ONLY for regular E.M. ministry.

12)   All EM, Lectors and Greeters must have completed the Virtus training which is one time training.

13)   Lectors are reminded to use the workbook and to practice out loud before the Mass.  Also the following

Ø  Be careful with the words and if you are unsure of the correct pronunciation, please ask the priest.

Ø  If you make a mistake, do not go back to correct.  Keep reading.

Ø  Practice the names in the intentions before the Mass. 

Ø  Do not number the readings:  The First Reading is a reading…  Duh!

Ø  Do not try to memorize the reading as it is a reading and is meant to be read.

Ø  Stand straight at pulpit.  You do not have to lean over to speak directly into mic as it can pick up the voice.  They are public speaking mics meant to pick up from a distance.

Ø  A handy guide was handed out.  If you did not receive one, ask.

14)   Ushers are reminded not to seat people during the readings.  Please wait until in between.

Ø  Also if there is a disturbance of any type, if possible, please take the person outside.  If not call 911 immediately.


1)      When you carry the Eucharist, you become a tabernacle.  If you take the hosts for the homebound at communion time, leave  the church/auditorium immediately.  Or retrieve the host after mass; but leave immediately.  Go directly to your person.  Do not take the Lord to Shop Rite or Stuff-a-bagel.

2)      If you are bringing Communion to two or three people, it is permissible to carry the Communion from the first home directly to the second and third.

3)      You are commissioned by the diocese to serve in your parish only.  If you relocate, you can transfer to another parish, but you are only supposed to serve in the parish you belong (or are signed) to.   Again, a priest can delegate you for a special occasion if the need is there.

4)      Part 2 of EM Training is specifically for the Homebound and is helpful (and required).

5)      There are new sign-in books for the home visitations.  All communion calls (except for Momentum) must be recorded.  The parish has to give this information in the annual Spiritual Report to the Diocese.

      Father Michael