Parish Planning Study

St. Mary’s Parish
Parish Planning Study


St. Mary’s parish is undertaking a Planning Study to determine the direction and level of support that seeks to raise funds to accomplish a variety of improvements and upgrades to our parish buildings.


The Challenge Ahead

St. Mary’s parish has served East Islip, Islip and the surrounding areas since 1898.  Our parish has and will continue to have a lasting impact on the lives of many in our community and beyond.  But our buildings and grounds are aging and in need of a variety of repairs and improvements, some of which have required our immediate attention. Over the past few years, parish leadership with the assistance of professionals, have carefully study the needs and resources of our parish.  What has emerged is a multi-year plan to address needed improvements to all of our parish buildings.  The plans cover the following:


Proposed Improvements and Upgrades


St. Mary’s Church

Our Church was completely renovated in 1997 and is in very good condition.  The recommendation calls for the exterior cedar shakes to be lightly pressure washed. A wood cleaner will be used to remove moss growth and dirt, then stained and sealed to protect from weathering.


St. Mary’s School & Auditorium

 St. Mary’s School has been molding students through Catholic Education for almost 100 years.  The main School building was constructed in 1957 and then expanded in 1963.  The School serves over 500 students from Kindergarten thru eighth grade, over 1,800 registered in our Religious Education program and is a vital part of our parish community.  The Auditorium has served as a place of worship for our parish for 50 years.  The School and Auditorium is the largest building on our campus and in need of the greatest amount of work.  A summary of the proposed improvements are:



                   * Replace original HVAC system – COMPLETED

                   * Replace deteriorating windows in the main School building

                   * Structural repair of the Auditorium Entrance

                   * Replace the flat roof on the Middle School building


Outreach/Parish Social Ministry Building

The outreach building is one of the original buildings that were part of the Gulden family estate.   We estimate the age of the building is around 80 years old and is in need of a variety of interior and exterior improvements including:


                   * Updating the Bathrooms

                   * Exterior Painting, Interior Repairs and Updating

                   * Doors and hardware repair and/or replacement

                   * Roof Replacement

The Rectory (The original Convent)

 The rectory was constructed in 1958 and currently serves as the residence for our priests and contains a variety of parish offices.  The work needed to the rectory includes:


                   * Roof Replacement


Parish Parking Lots

All of our parking lots are in need of work.  The most urgent is the West lot which is deteriorating and in an unsafe condition.  The work needed to each of our Parking lots is:


Front Lot - Repair, Re-coat and restriping


Back Lot - Repair, re-coat and restriping


West Lot - Complete resurfacing, adding dry wells for proper drainage, lighting, curbing and re-striping


The goal of this plan is to put our buildings and grounds in good condition which will help strengthen the finances of the parish to ensure a long and strong future for St. Mary’s parish and school.  At this point cost estimates are being gathered and will be shared with the parish.  Our hope is to challenge every family to consider a financial gift or pledge to help with these important needs.

Please fill out our Questionnaire and return to the Rectory by April 5th/6th.  Planning Study Questionnaire