Planning Study Questionnaire

Dear Parishioners,


During the next few weeks our parish is undertaking a Planning Study to seek input and advice from all parishioners on the details of proposed improvements to our parish buildings and grounds. Your participation in this study is a very important factor in planning for our future.  Please read the enclosed information and complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability.  All surveys will be kept               confidential and are due back to the parish by Sunday, April 6th.  You may return this questionnaire by mail, place it in the collection   basket at Mass, or even fill it out online at  Thank you!


           Name (Optional): _________________________________________________

           Address: _______________________________________________________                            

           City: ___________________________     State: ________  Zip: _____________  

           Email: __________________________________________________________



1.         How long have you been a parishioner at St. Mary’s Parish? _____ year(s) 


            2.         Are you currently involved in any parish activities or ministries?


                           _____  Yes               _____  No


            Which activities/ministries?                                                                                 


3.         Taking into consideration all that the parish does, how would you rate St. Mary’s Parish?


            _____ Very Good      _____  Good             _____  Fair           _____     Poor


            Comments:    _______________________________________________________________


(Please review the Needs Statement on the previous page)


4.         What is your reaction to the proposed needs?


            _______ Favorable               _______ Unfavorable          _______ Mixed







5.         Are there any elements of the proposed projects that you feel should be given priority?




6.         Are there any other areas of need, not included in the work listed, that you see as a priority?




7.         What, if any, is one concern that you may have about the parish conducting a campaign in the near future?




8.         Would you consider financially supporting a capital campaign to address the needs listed, where every household would                  be asked to consider a pledge or donation to the best of their ability payable over a three year period?


                        _______ Yes               _______ No                _______ Not Sure


9.         Many gifts (of all sizes) will be needed in order for St. Mary’s to undertake this project.  If you were willing to make a financial              commitment to the campaign, could you estimate the size of your gift?  (Please note, this is not a commitment, it is a                        projection of possible gifts to help us move forward in our financial planning.)


         _____ $1,000 or $28 a month for 3 years

_____ $1,500 or $42 a month for 3 years

         _____  $2,000 or $55 a month for 3 years

         _____  $2,500 or $69 a month for 3 years

         _____  $3,000 or $83 a month for 3 years

         _____  $4,000 or $111 a month for 3 years           

         _____  $5,000 or $139 a month for 3 years

         _____  $6,000 or $167 a month for 3 years

         _____  $7,000 or $194 a month for 3 years

         _____  $7,500 or $208 a month for 3 years

         _____  $10,000 or $278 a month for 3 years

         _____  $15,000 or $417 a month for 3 years

         _____  $ _______  Please fill in an amount

         _____  Unsure at this time


       10.      To be successful, a capital campaign needs strong leadership.  Respected and committed leaders are needed to express their own enthusiasm for a campaign and generate enthusiasm among others. Can you suggest the names
                   of individuals you think could serve as effective campaign leaders?






       11.               Any other thoughts, comments or closing advise as we conduct this planning study?





Please print this form and return to the rectory by mail or in the Sunday Collection by April 5th/6th